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An entire life spent fighting to have until it slips away
A breath of air if you’re a drowning man is all you’ll need today

Are you a drowning man
Are you left empty handed in the end
Do you have a plan to change it

He saw the light but he thought it was red, so he stopped instead
He took a match and set the world on fire, the world inside his head

Are you a drowning man
Will all your dreams mean something in the end
Do you have a plan to change it

When will the words come today
Where do the thoughts go when they slip away
I’ll take the ride but how much will I have to pay

Wanting more is never enough, addiction has it’s price
Feeling free until you’re trapped inside, becomes a way of life

Are you a drowning man
Will your life mean something in the end
Do you have a plan to change it

I feel that fear is the only thing that blocks my potential to feel alive. Stopping the flow of the spirit through the streams of consciousness Like a useless map in a familiar maze, visiting each corner again and again until they become the entire universe. Narrow but concrete. Safe with the conclusion that everything has been covered. I have not yet found inspiration in the moment without the illusion of security and the influence of fear

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