TransAction -- Spring, 1997

Rich's Review -- Dogma
***** (out of 5 stars)

If you like heavy, dense and uncompromising music that protests the status quo, dogma may well be singing your tune. Their debut album, FEEDING THE FUTURE (King/Def Jam/Mercury) offers gripping and penetrating socially relevant tunes in a style that effectively combines elements of alternative punk and industrial. The lyrics are inspired; the emotions run negative. There isn't a weak number on the disc. Despite the heavy bass and earsplitting quality of most songs, the band delivers a well written and superbly performed ballad for its closing number, "Unsaid," featuring sterling vocals and a crisp sounding acoustic guitar.

By Richard Jansaccia

Rocker Speaks -- Dogma

I like Dogma! The sound is heavy with feeling. Each song on Feeding the Future (King/Def Jam/Mercury) has a distinctive sound. They clearly rate musicians and the band is tight... a Soundgarden for New York. Opening cut, CANCER, has a Marilyn Manson sound. Closing cut, UNSAID, is an excellent acoustic ballad. I Can't wait to see this band live. With the right promotion, Dogma could be big!

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