Daily Insider -- April 3, 1997

Dogma Shoots First Video wth Matt Mahurin, Tour Starts

Now that "Cancer" has grown to the point where it is near the top of the rock charts, Dogma has completed a video for it with Matt Mahurin before hitting the road later this month on the east coast. The Brooklyn-based band is the first signing to King Records, a rock subsidiary of the rap lable, Def Jam, Home of LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Method Man and Foxy Brown. Dogma lead singer / guitarist Phil Allocco says the relationship has worked well so far despite the differences in genres. Allocco says all of Dogma's songs are drawn from his own life, comprising a diary of what he's going through. "Cancer" is no exception. Written in the studio during the recording of their debut album, "Feeding the Future," He recalls the time as having "a bit of tension." "It's about a very negative relationship," He says. "A situation where you have a premonition and can see it coming but you have no chooice but to see it through. Whatever I'm thinking or feeling and every bit of my beliefs in my mind and heart, I put into every song."

by Terry Marshall

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