fmqb -- Feb. 7, 1997

Dogma LP -- Feeding the Future, King/Mercury

We're pretty jazzed about how the metal world has reacted to Dogma's "Cancer" (God we love it when we're right!), the first taste of Feeding the Future, the band's first album and the debut release by Scott Koenig's King Recordings. Scott is, of course, one of Metal's best management dudes, and King reflects his top-shelf approach to this wacky biz. Phil Allocco's vocal sound has a "collective" feel to it, but this band rocks way more than their southern sonic cousins. The lead track, "Cancer," has spread to 17 PURE SPINS with KRZR and WXVU joining the afflicted this report. While active is sure to pounce on this one soon (with Modern kids sure to follow). Metal gets the whole damn action packed disc to play around with. This Steve Thompson produced disk should be hanging around the upper reaches of our chart for the rest of 1997. Songs like "Unexpected Ways," "Anyone at All," "Reasons" and "Too Many People," a quickie at 1:40, should make Metal waves. There are a few choice Metal/Rock Radio crossover candidates such as "Lies," "Held My Tongue," and "Conversation" to consider as well, making this one of the best around-the-house listens in quite some time. Good car tape too.

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