Album Network -- Feb. 7, 1997

Dogma -- Feeding the Future, King/Mercury

I want those who went to "F-Fest" this past year to think back to thier litle goodie bags. "Ahh," you say. (For those who are still at a loss, put down the bong, or whatever drug du jour is.) Dogma's EP was introduced back in October and, boy', was everybody just waiting for that add date. It's first week out, it was #1 most added and garnered 73 spins. This was only to be topped the following week by a solid debut at #19 and an impressive 152 spins. Dogma's debut single, "Cancer," is supercharged with speed guitar and full-on-attack, no mercy vocals. Haven't had the pleasure of seeing them live, but it's got to be a high-energy show. I'll keep you posted.

By Greg Sorrels

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