Album Network 9/15/98


Song: "Cancer"
FROM THE RELEASE: Feeding the Future
LABEL: King/RAL/Mercury (533448)
MEMBERS: Phil Allocco (vocals, guitar), Sean Carmody (bass); Dave Femia (drums); Randy Dzliezak (guitar).
PRODUCER: SteveThompson
ORIGIN: New York City
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: "Cancer" is the second single from Feeding the Future, following "Held my Tongue." Feeding the Future is the first release from King Recordings, Def Jam's rock subsidiary. Recorded in Woodstock, NY's famed Bearsville Studio, Steve Thompson (Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Blues Traveler) keeps the music hones with straightfoward, no-frills production. "Cancer" is a great example of what Dogma is about: honesty, simplicity and a repect for the powers of music. The hypnotically melodic verses are nicely complemented by a crashing chorus in a manner that should be equally attractirve to Rock, Active Rock and Aggro formats alike. Dogma is hitting the road with L.O.A. this fall in what promises to be a great pairing of two like-minded bands.

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